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Ukraina. by Koutaissoff A.

By Koutaissoff A.

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Cosima wasn’t looking for love or avoiding it either. She was desperately trying to establish disinterest in the entire subject of marriage for one very good reason: she simply could not marry. Ever. How could her mother not understand? She acted as though Cosima were drowning in the folly of her own plan, insisting on throwing her a life preserver in the form of one Reginald Hale. Her father spoke again. “We’ve reviewed the man’s introduction, Cosima. He comes from a respected English merchant family.

Along with her parents and many of their servants, Cosima had raced to the gruesome discovery. Rowena had tried to end the curse in the only way she could imagine. Cosima rarely thought of that day without tears stinging her eyes. Aunt Rowena hadn’t ended it, though. Rather, she’d enhanced it. Prior to that, those who called her family cursed had said it ran only in the males. But after that they began to suspect the women as well. And this was the family Sir Reginald Hale wished to join? 3 Talie nearly dropped the journal, and a few pages slipped from the delicate spine.

She didn’t want to count how many ways Ben was different from the others but couldn’t seem to stop herself. While Ben certainly compared favorably in size and had the most hair, his posture wasn’t like the others’. He sat with a definite curve in his back, not strong and stiff like the others. He seemed . . floppy somehow, as if his muscles didn’t work the same way. And yet Talie knew he was strong. He could grip her finger tightly and certainly had the kick of a professional football player in the making.

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