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Russian for the Mathematician by S. H. Gould (auth.)

By S. H. Gould (auth.)

The Board of Trustees of the yankee Mathematical Society, expressing its trust good deal of time will be kept for mathematicians in the event that they may perhaps learn a textbook of Russian accurately tailored to their wishes, granted to the current writer 9 months depart of absence from his tasks as Editor of Translations. To the Board, and to Gordon L. Walker, the Exec­ utive Director of the Society, who took the initiative during this subject along with his typical strength and reliable will, the writer is deeply thankful for the chance to put in writing the sort of publication. For crucial support and suggestion within the training of the ebook, which used to be written mainly in Gottingen, Moscow and Belgrade, gratitude is because of many of us, specially to Martin Kneser of the math Institute in Gottingen, S. M. Nikol'skii and L. D. Kudrjavcev of the Steklov Institute in Moscow, T. P. Andjelic of the math Institute within the Yugoslav Academy of Arts and Sciences, G. Kurepa and B. Terzic of the maths and Slav­ istics Departments within the college of Belgrade, and Alexander Schenker of the dep. of Slavic Languages and Literatures in Yale collage. For specialist counsel, either secretarial and linguistic, the writer is indebted to his spouse Katherine and his son William, for informed typing of the interpreting decisions to Tamara Burmeister, Secretary of the Slavistics leave­ ment in Belgrade, and Christine Lefian, editorial assistant within the American Mathematical Society. windfall, united states S. H.

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20 4. Chapter Two Preliminary remarks on hard and soft consonants. Pronunciation For an English-speak- ing reader the chief difficulty in Russian pronunciation lies in the fact that, although soft consonants are found In both languages, they occur in Russian in a wider variety of positions. As we have seen in Chapter I, three of the 21 Russian consonants are always hard (U, ~, ill; Nos. 24, 8, 26) and three of them (n, q, ill; Nos. 11, 25, 27) are always soft. For the other fifteen consonants, 6, n, B, M, H, p, ~, ~, ~, T, 3, C, r, K, x, the hard pronunciation may be regarded as the normal one; and then we must ask: how is a hard consonant modified by being made soft?

ROBEti identicaZ. ti first. etc. e. the relative ROTOPEti which. the interrogative RaRoti of what kind. the demonstrative TaRoti of such a kind. the personal HallI our. l;Eti each, HeRoTopEti some, and HMRaRoH of any kind at aU (only in negative sentences). In prepositional phrases the liH- in HMRaRoti becomes separated from the RaRoti (cf. l;6 HerrJIOTHEti nowhere dense (lit. l;e where, llJIOTHEti dense). eti HallIM our 46 Chapter Three Note that some words have a prefix He Inflection which is of different origin and meaning from the negative prefix; thus HeRoTopHH means some.

Declension of pronouns. The following pronouns, declined below, are common in mathematics: reflexive personal 1st person 3rd person demonstrative interrogative ce6H ou:t'selves, itself, themselves; we; OH, OHM it, they; MIll TOT that, 'ITO what 8TOT this; Pronouns in the Slavic languages fall into two groups: those that have remained without influence on the declension of adjectives, and those WhOSE endings have been transferred to adjectives. The two pronouns ce6H and MIll, with distinctive declensions of their own, belong to the first class, and the others OH, TOT, 8TOT, 'ITO, all of them declined very much a- like, belong to the second.

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