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Jacques Lacan by Elisabeth Roudinesco, Barbara Bray

By Elisabeth Roudinesco, Barbara Bray

Years after his loss of life, Jacques Lacan is still not just one of many most advantageous intellectuals of the century, but additionally the most debatable. the 1st significant biography of Lacan, this can be a attention-grabbing portrait of the man's lifestyles and an illuminating explication of his advanced liasons and unorthodox, frequently confusing ideas.

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He also undertook to translate for the RFP a chapter of Otto Fenichel's book on schizophrenia. 8 But this never came to anything. The year 1931 was a watershed for Lacan, for it was then that, starting from the basis of paranoia, he embarked on a synthesis of three areas of knowledge: clinical psychiatry, the teachings of Freud, and the second phase of surrealism. His remarkable knowledge of philosophy, and in particular of Spinoza, Jaspers, Nietzsche, Husserl, and Bergson, also contributed to the making of the great work of Lacan's youth: his medical thesis.

She had asked tσ be traηsferred tσ Paris iη σrder tσ track dσwn thσse she imagined were tryiηg tσ destrσy her sσn. She sσση embarked ση a very weird way σf life. Οη the σηe haηd there was the everyday world σf her pσst σffice activities, iη which she mσre σr less adapted tσ reality. On the σther hand she led aη imagiηary existeηce made up σf dreams and delusiσηs. As sσση as she left her place σf wσrk she became aη iηtellectual, takiηg private lessσηs, hauηtiηg libraries, addicted tσ cσffee. But despite all her effσrts she failed σne prσfessiσnal examiηatiση and in three attempts at the baccalaureat.

6 And so the date when Lacan's name first appeared in the history of French psychoanalysis was the same as that when the first Freudian association was created in France. uential of its kind. lt would take him eight years to become a member and four more to be made a training analyst. Meanwhile his career followed a normal course, and he went on from neurology to psychiatry. From 1927 to 1931 he studied the clinical treatment of mental and cephalic disorders at the Hopital Sainte-Anne, one of the top mental hospitals, and then went to the Special Infirmary of the Prefecture de Police (Paris police headquarters) where so-called dangerous individuals were brought ίη for emergency treatment.

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